We offer a variety of services to meet you where you're at, today. We can get moving with some energizing yoga, or slow things down with some calming meditation and Reiki. All sessions, both individual and group, are customized. We'll work together beforehand to create what works best for you.  

Reiki (sounds like "ray-key") is a healing technique that helps guide the body's flow of energy; releasing blocks within the body and supporting the healing of physical, emotional and energetic needs. A deeply relaxing and transformative experience. Recommended for individual sessions but can be infused into our group events.

The practice of meditation helps us calm the mind and focus our thoughts inward, making it easier for us to discover our core desires and intentions. All meditations are guided and are practiced in both group and individual sessions.

Find healing through movement. Yoga asanas (poses) can be incorporated in our time together to help get the energy moving, bring the focus back to the body, and feel connected with the earth. Ideal for group events as well as individual sessions.

Replenish the soul through simple acts of kindness toward yourself. More than just face masks, we get creative with activities and surprises sprinkled throughout the session or event, designed to refill your cup and make you smile.  

Are you scheduling yourself on your calendar?

Together we'll design a plan for your wellness outside of our sessions.

Planning may be added to the above services or booked on its own.

Are you ready to pour some love and kindness back into your cup? 

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